TMJ Therapy

When a patient presents with a debilitated occlusion (bite), Dr. Campbell may prescribe 6 month use of a TMJ Bite Splint so as to "deprogram" the masticatory and condylar-positioning musculature. By doing so, he may ascertain where the joints would "like" the bite to be, without interference from teeth that are malpositioned at treatment commencement. Neither splint therapy nor orthodontic treatment is sure or guaranteed to quell any TMD (temperomandibular dysfunction) symptoms. TMD can and usually is multifactorial in origin. Stress, hormones, anatomic factors or bony topography, or past trauma can always also be factors. Hopefully, the orthodontics can help but does not always correct the problem. We encourage patients with TMD symptoms to start orthodontic treatment with an open mind…at worst, you will have straight teeth and a nice smile but still have your TMD symptoms at the end of treatment!

** If you have TMJ pain or concerns, please complete the TMD Questionnaire and bring to your appt.