Retainers are necessary to hold your teeth in place after the tooth movement of active orthodontic treatment is complete. Retainers are always used after full (comprehensive, Phase II) and limited treatment, and sometimes used after Phase I (Interceptive).

After full treatment, Dr. Campbell prescribes full-time retainer wear for 6 months, nights only for the next year, then every other or third night through age 21 or at least for 2 years if an adult patient. Dr. Campbell does not recommend ever going over 1 week without wearing your retainer if you have had orthodontic treatment. Watch a video on Hawley Retainers.

Dr. Campbell advocates bonding of a permanent/fixed retainer behind the lower front teeth. These teeth are the most prone to relapse/movement after treatment. A bonded retainer usually negates the need for a removable retainer on the lower. Contraindications for these are small/short teeth and poor oral hygiene. Dr. Campbell does not usually offer these to extraction cases because they do not hold extraction spaces closed!

Dr. Campbell will usually give 2 types of upper retainers, the Essix (more aesthetic) and the Hawley (more durable, longer lasting), and either a bonded lower or a removable Hawley retainer.

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  • Removable - Essix

  • Removable - Hawley

  • Bonded / Fixed / Permanent