Limited Treatment

Limited Orthodontic treatment targets specific complaints without addressing all of a problem list or is such that the treatment or tooth movement is so minor the treatment is deemed limited. Limited treatment is at a fraction of the cost of comprehensive treatment, and has its own insurance code for coverage.


A partial or full set of braces may be used to correct a limited scope of a problem list, such as closing a specific space.

Clear Aligners

  • Invisalign Express® - An Invisalign product that is less expensive and is limited in number of aligners. Learn more at
  • Red, White, and Blue®
    • If all you need is a little cosmetic improvement for a great smile and you'd prefer not to have braces, the nearly invisible Red, White and Blue no-braces system may be the treatment for you.
    • It is similar to the Invisalign system in that a series of clear, customized aligners are designed for you. You will wear each appliance approximately 2-4 weeks in the easy-to-remember Red, White and Blue sequence. The final appliance is designed with all the corrections and can be worn as a long-term retainer.

Spring Aligners

An appliance that looks similar to a traditional retainer, but is made on a model on which a lab has reset crooked teeth to an ideal straight position. This way, when a patient wears the appliance, it moves the reset/crooked teeth straight over a brief period of time.