Don’t Eat List/Diet

What happens when you eat hard or sticky candy?

     Loose Bands

     Loose Brackets

Please limit your intake of sodas.

The acidity plus the sugars in sodas can wreak havoc on your tooth enamel. Enamel can become decalcified if you drink too much!

Food for Thought

    The Crust of French Bread is the best part, and the place where bent wires start.

    Pizza, Pretzels, Bagels, and Bones knock off braces, so leave them alone.

    Doritos and Tacos are a treat, but for breaking your braces, they're difficult to beat.

    Apples eaten in the wrong way mean you'll be seeing Dr. Campbell today.

    Raw Carrots or Celery in pieces very small won't break off bands or brackets at all.

    Nuts are usually very good, too, but we'll have to say no nuts for you.

    Popcorn at the movies is fun for all, but the pain that it causes is no fun at all.

    Suckers are a sweet delight, but they'll damage your braces if you bite.

    Although Gum is fun to chew, while you have braces it's not for you.

    Caramel Candy and Jujubes will pull off your braces with incredible ease.

    Pens and Pencils are food for thought, but if you come in with a band or bracket off, you've been caught!

    I will tell you this once – No, I will tell you this twice – Never, never, ever chew Ice.

    If you do this, a smile we'll make. Take care of your braces, for goodness sake!