Testimonials & Reviews

I felt that they really valued my health and happiness because they followed up even after my appointment just to check up on me. It was such a nice gesture that made a huge difference. They showed me a 3D model of how my teeth should look after the braces, so I have a good idea of what the results will be. They have some of the best customer service I have ever seen. Putting their patients first is definitely a priority here and it shows. Additionally, Dr Campbell is extremely knowledgable and respected in his field…believe me, I did my research! He is a published Diplomate of the Board of Orthodontics, which is something not a lot of Orthodontists have attained.
– Kenny

If we could all find caregivers in every aspect of our lives that provided for their patients the way Dr. Campbell and his staff do, the world would be a much better place. He is the most thorough, honest, compassionate caregiver our family has ever received in any area of medical or dental providers and as a medical professional myself, I am eternally grateful for his high standards, his ability to connect with his patients, and his intention to truly practice with a caring heart for everyone in each family he serves.
- Lesliephc

Dr. Eric Campbell is a highly recommended Invisalign Raleigh specialist. Patients are special. I have been seeing Dr. Campbell since I retired to this area 3 years ago. Everyone in the office is friendly. Dr. Campbell asked me what my concerns were with my dental care. He and his staff have managed my care based on what is important to me. I have never waited more than 5 minutes to be seen for a scheduled appointment. After any dental work, Dr. Campbell calls in the evening to see if you are having any problems. The website helps remind you about appointments and anything new in the office. I would highly recommend Dr. Campbell and his staff to anyone looking for a competent, caring orthodontist.
- R. Heller

Extremely Pleased with Dr. Campbell. I'm so glad I chose Dr. Campbell to be my Raleigh orthodontist. He was very professional but gentle and caring. I never felt like I was just another patient to him. He was personable and that meant a lot to me. Now I get so many compliments on my fantastic smile! I would recommend Dr. Campbell to everyone.
- Kevin

At Dr. Campbell's office you will get personalized attention! All three of our children have been treated under his care. Their smiles are a beautiful tribute to his expertise. He uses the latest techniques to provide the best orthodontic treatments. His staff is always willing to go above and beyond to make your experience comfortable. We have been so impressed with the work done for our children, that I had Dr. Campbell treat me with the new clear Invisalign Raleigh braces. We recommend Dr. Eric Campbell to all of our friends and family as an Excellent Raleigh orthodontist!
- Sharon

Fantastic Practice, Fantastic Results, Fantastic Financial Terms We chose Dr. Campbell as our daughter's orthodontist and could not be more pleased. We went to him for a second consult as the first said that we were looking at having teeth pulled . . . yikes! His approach, and I'm no doctor, was, in my opinion, much more "cutting edge." He said that he could create space without having to pull teeth, which would benefit my daughter in later years. Now, on the other side of treatment, my daughter has a PERFECT, beautiful smile, and we are thrilled. We financed through his office and the terms were exactly as promised. Dr. Campbell and the staff were wonderful. We love you Dr. Campbell!‎
- J

Wonderful!!!!!!! I have to say how great this practice is. I was a patient for the last three years and will truly miss going to see this staff on my routine treatments. They were absolutely attentive to my needs and concerns. I would like to thank 3 assistants , Ashley, Lisa and Kellie for always being so gental and explaining the process...Dr. Campbell you are the GREATEST!!!!! Thank you for my beautiful smile . I promise to use it daily.... See you for my retainer check in 6 months.....
- Angela Stiller

Today is my sons first full day with a shiny new smile. He had minor discomfort which is expected when getting a new smile in as little as 18 mos. Dr. Campbell, you and your awesome staff set me and him at ease immediately. He is 18 and just graduated from High School. I thought it was too late for him to get braces! His girlfriend thinks his new shiny smile is Handsome.
- JackHeape

Happy with Dr Campbell
I have a daughter that has been going to Dr Campbell for over a year. I have seen alot of improvement in my daughters smile and I would highly recommnend him. We still have along way to go but I feel that Dr Campbell tries to insure we are doing procedures that won't waste time or money.

A Pleasant Experience
About three years ago my dentist suggested I consider braces to take care of crowding that was occurring with my lower teeth. I also had a tooth that was impacted and had been replaced with a bridge. My dentist recommended Dr. Campbell and I trust my Dentist so that was good enough for me. After consulting with Dr. Campbell I decided to move forward with the treatment that would involve aligning my lower teeth and descending my impacted tooth. From the beginning Dr. Campbell and his staff have been very professional and through. They do a good job of getting you seated quickly and keeping with the same assistant from visit to visit.

Wowzers! My son is done with his braces but he'll always be part of the Campbell "family." Dr Campbell is one funny dude and his staff and his patients love him...and he truly CARES about his patients, parents, and their concerns. His technical ability and skills would have to be some of the best out there because I cannot picture my son having a more beautiful smile. Dr. Campbell stays up to date with technology as well, with the HDTV's, games, etc. ...oh, and the Frankie's parties are a HOOT!
- Susan K.

My daughter was a challenging case. We were told the removal of a structure supporting tooth was necessary and at my daughter's young age this would cause unfortunate problems for her throughout her life and markedly change her appearance. Dr. Campbell immediately began to formulate a plan in his brain of what he could do to help my daughter. Dr. Campbell shared with us an idea he had to save the tooth structure. He wasn't 100% sure of the success but he believed he could do it. Dr. Campbell went above and beyond to make what would have been an impossibility 10 years ago to being a successful reality today. In addition to preserving the structural integrity of my daughter's face, he gave my daughter the gift of self confidence that will last her a lifetime! We will always be grateful for his persistence and positive outlook! My daughter is priceless and now her smile is too!! I highly recommend Dr. Campbell!!
- Lynettte Coultrap

I love Dr. Campbell and his staff..they are very knowledgeable in what they do and they are very friendly. I have a 1 year old son that accompanies me to my visits and the staff tries to keep him entertained while I am in the chair (and its not an easy job) I always feel bad that they have to keep an eye on him but they never say a word. Everyone there is just awesome..and thanks to Dr. Campbell I am no longer ashamed of my smile!
- S_Choquin

I love going to the orthodontist! Dr. Campbell is very professional and his staff seems to be well trained. I feel very comfortable when I am in the chair, and everyone is real nice! I highly recommend Dr. Campbell.

This practice was personally vested in my acheiving a beautiful smile from the moment I called.
Dr. Campbell, who is the lone doctor in his practice, treated me and my other child was treated in a group practice and the treatment just seemed to take too long…different doctors treating the same case…as my husband put it, too many hands in the cookie jar! I did not feel like I was treating Dr Campbell's wallet! He is very attentive and demands the best from his staff!

My wife and daughter are both patients of Dr. Campbell .... or should I say Dr. Rembrandt of orthodontics. Outstanding workmanship and ability to make your teeth look amazing. Additional bonus: the office staff and assistants are amazingly friendly and are always smiling, making you feel relaxed like you are at home. What a class act operation.
- Bruce ‎

My daughter has been a patient at Campbell for the past 2 years. I was recommended to them by our pediatric dentist. She is 17 so is a bit older for one of their patients but they do treat her like an "older" kid instead of like a 12-year-old. I have been happy with the pricing, the way they deal with insurance, and the way they discuss treatment with us. I have not been asked to pay above what the contract stated for any additional treatments and her teeth have straightened up very nicely…The doctor is excellent.
- Dena-Renee

All the employees are fantastic, really nice, and always smiling! I love how they have so many different extra things for us. For instance, the stamp cards. I love it! The office is very clean and nice. I really love my orthodontist!
- Ellie Taylor

I started there when I was really young and they were ready to help me right out of the box! I really started to enjoy my time being there; they are good at what they do and soooo nice about doing it! I would deff recommend them!
- Austin

DR. CAMPBELL is the best!!!!!! The office staff is courteous and friendly. Dr. Campbell will have you leaving with a smile that can light up a room. Our daughter has loved every minute of being under the care of Campbell Orthodontics!! Campbell Orthodontics treats you like family and that gives us peace of mind! We recommend Dr. Campbell to everyone we their office will be happy you did!
- Jenny

I love Dr. Campbell and his staff. They are always smiling and friendly. If i need anything they are very helpful. HE AND HIS STAFF ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
- Casey Banks ‎

I have been very happy with the treatment I received from Campbell Orthodontics. I ask a ton of questions and Dr Campbell was always willing to take the time to answer all of them. He would always explain the process in a way that I would understand. Everyone at the Leesville office was friendly and attentive. I was especially impressed with the attention my 2 young daughters received when I had to bring them with me to one of my appointments. They are not patients yet but were still treated to all the perks. I would definitely recommend Campbell to anyone searching for a great practice.
- Kacey

Dr. Campbell is a miracle worker!!! He kept my sister out of jaw surgery and now her teeth are beautiful :) I get my braces off in 8 weeks!! He totally commits to each patient and you can tell if you watch him.
- Caroline J

Very pleased with the service and staff. I would recommend Campbell Orthodontics to family and friends.
- Kristy D

I visited four orthodontist offices before choosing to go with Campbell Orthodontics! There staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. I felt welcome the second we walked through the door. Dr. Campbell is very personable and I have never felt rushed. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for reasonable prices, and professional service!
- Tara S.

Campbell Orthodontics Rocks!! The staff is super nice and friendly. I love going to this office. My mom called several others before going to see Dr. Campbell. Being seen by Campbell Orthodontics was the best choice she could have ever made for me. This office is the best!!
- Kristine W.

Dr. Campbell rocks!!! He is my orthodontist and I am glad he is. His office staff is so nice and sweet. I belong to the Kids Club and they all make me feel special. I am excited to see how pretty my smile is when my treatment is complete!! I see all my school and pool friends at Dr. C's too. He is also a proud supporter of area sports teams!!!! Thank you Dr. C and Staff for treating me so great! I look forward to every visit!
- Jenny A.

My daughter was soooo nervous about getting braces. She actually cried right before her first visit. Dr. Campbell and his staff made her so comfortable really put her at ease about the entire procedure, as well as myself! Dr. Campbell explains EVERYTHING so we can understand it. The flexibility of the scheduling is so convenient too. We feel right at home everytime we visit, either office. They are a wonderful group!
- Helen M.

Three words come to mind when I think of my experience with Dr. Campbell and his staff...SUPER, WONDERFUL, and AWESOME!! I'm an adult patient about a year into my treatment plan and I'm so glad that I chose Campbell Orthodontics. Dr. Campbell is thorough and very knowledgeable. I would recommend his practice to anyone!
- Tanika D.

Campbell Orthodontics has been great to work with. My son was very slow to loose his baby teeth and instead of rushing and pulling teeth, he opted to let nature take its course. He and his staff go above and beyond when it comes to service. They are always most accommodating. I would gladly recommend Campbell Orthodontics to anyone.
- Kristian S.

I was suffereing with terrible headaches. Seeking Chiropractic care and over dosing on ibuprofen. I asked the Doc to take a look-see in my mouth, he discovered the cause of my headaches - TMD. I had two teeth removed, and the headaches are all GONE. YAH !!!! With the removal of my teeth I went into braces and we are closing those gaps. As an adult, if you have constant headaches, have Doc check you out, and get rid of that bottle of Ibuprofen. Don't believe those radio ads, just come See Dr. Eric Campbell and he'll give it to you straight without a consultation fee. He has or is treating four of my family. They are the bomb and I love the staff. You rock Doc !!!
- Eddie ‎