Why us, Why Dr. Campbell?

  • FUN, (click here to see how fun....)
  • Two convinient locations.
  • Dr Campbell is a Board Certified Specialist in Orthodontics, which means he has completed a (2 or) 3 year Orthodontics residency at an accredited program, AND he has subjected his clinical cases to the scrutiny of his specialist peers in order to obtain the unique distinction of "Board Certified."
  • Great hours. We begin seeing patients at 7:45am to minimize your daily schedule's disruption. We often offer Friday hours when other days just don't work for you!
  • Digital radiography (significantly less radiation than conventional), imaging, and practice management in a truly paperless, clean, and efficient practice.
  • Account and Appointment info at your fingertips at any time!
  • Doctor Campbell's aptitude with biomechanics is exemplary, allowing him to harness and balance orthodontic and biological forces in a most efficient, beneficial manner. He routinely produces smiles that are as broad and lip-supporting as possible!
  • One doctor ... no conflicting mechanics or philosophies ... continuity of treatment!
  • Our staff is meticulously trained in infection-control. We package our instruments in sterile pouches and our sterilizers are monitored weekly by the UNC Microbiology Labs. We use pre-adhesive-coated brackets delivered from 3M Unitek in sterile, individual packets, not opened until they're about to be used on you!
  • We offer self-ligating brackets which can render decreased treatment times, less time in the chair, away from school or from work for parents/adults due to reduced friction between the brackets (braces) and the wires
  • We offer aesthetic options of Clear Braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen. Dr Campbell has been Invisalign Certified since 2004!
  • We have adopted the newest technology called "Indirect Bonding". We take molds of your own teeth. Dr. Campbell meticulously places the braces on the models of your teeth. This increases accuracy of placement and reduces the time of your appointment (school/work time).
  • Dr. Campbell uses mini-implants/screws, or temporary anchorage devices (TAD's), to close missing-tooth spaces and to minimize need for jaw bone surgery in certain cases!
  • Dr. Campbell advocates fixed retention and places his own bonded retainers
  • We use a Soft-Tissue Laser to contour overgrown gum tissue, gingival hyperplasia, or to expose permanent teeth erupting through stubborn, fibrous gum tissue, saving money and treatment time!
  • We align Second (12 year) Molars before completing treatment.