Great for Flex Plans!

Did someone mention a tax savings for braces?
Your company may have a plan that can significantly reduce the cost of braces and other medical expenses. By using a Flexible Spending Account, Money Plus, 125(k), Flex Account, Medical Spending Account or Health Savings Account to pay for braces, you can pay out-of-pocket expenses (orthodontic fee minus insurance payments) using pre-tax income. For the average two income family earning more than $50,000, the savings amount is about 35% of each dollar earned.

If you have such a plan at work, or if you aren’t sure, you should contact your Human Resources or Personnel Department for details. We will be happy to provide you with receipts for your payments or with any other information your company requires, however; we are in no way affiliated with these plans, and details on how to best utilize your specific plan should be determined by you and your benefits specialist.


  • Pay-in-Full discounts!
  • Family Discounts
    Every subsequent family member receiving treatment receives a substantial discount.
  • Phase I Discounts
    Those patients having received Phase I treatment will receive a substantial discount for their Phase II (full braces)

Payment Plans

  • In-house, no-interest financing with down payment according to credit score
  • No-down-payment Third Party Financing, no-interest or low-interest depending upon credit score and contract term.
  • Direct drafting or automatic monthly credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) charging


Campbell Orthodontics files claims to and accepts benefits from virtually any insurance company. Nevertheless, if your insurance fails to pay its estimated portion, that portion then becomes your responsibility in addition to your originally estimated portion of the treatment fee. Please recognize that the financial contract is between you and Campbell Orthodontics.


Our office offers T Link, a web based inquiry solution that allows patients to check appointment times and account balances online! You can make secure bank draft or credit card payments over the web and it enables you to conveniently retrieve information regarding your account using the Internet.