Transferring in?

Thank you for your interest in our practice! We will make this an easy transition for you. Firstly, as with any new patient, we must give an initial exam with new orthodontic records. Your old orthodontist’s records of your case will be great for Dr. Campbell to review the history of your case BUT he must take his own to;establish a baseline for his treatment.

Please understand that Dr. Campbell may or may not wish to replace your existing appliances with his own, depending on appliance prescription, brand, placement, etc. There is NEVER a significant price difference because of this in our practice. The fee for an orthodontic case is primarily based on chair time necessary to finish the case, the records, and the diagnosis and treatment planning doctor time…not the negligible cost of the braces/wires!

Please either call us or use our Request an Appointment module to make an Initial Exam. Please also contact your current/previous Orthodontist to request that records and a transfer form be sent to us if you do not already have these items for us. Initial Exam forms may be completed here.